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(woodturning, that is)
on the Wild Side

try hand-crafted
Resin Pen Blanks

A creative twist to Pen and Woodturning Blanks for the eclectic and non-traditional woodturner


Wood turned pens are awesome! From the simplest domestic woods to the beautifully pigmented exotics. Hand turned pens are often the gateway for many people to appreciate the art of making hand crafted pens - for gift giving, or for sale.

With much experimenting, testing and retesting, I have come up with several designs - all original, and all blanks are hand-poured. Since each design can be made in almost any color combinations, every pen you make will be unique.

I'm offering the pen turner an additional type of media to add to their resources - multi-color pen blanks made from specially created resin for turning on the lathe.

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